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  • Record Producer. The label was created by bassist Henri GREINDL.
  • Fusion, modern jazz, free improvisation, world music,...
  • Belgian, South American artists etc...
  • A special attention is given to Brazilian music; the label is organized in 4 collections : roots, fusion, jazz, even experimental & contemporary electronic music
  • In jazz and free improvised music, the growing catalog includes various Belgian artists.
  • Complete catalog on their web site. Below, an overview of the jazz releases
  • The records are available via their web site.
  • Distributed in Belgium by AMG Records (, in Germany, Switzerland, Austria by NEW MUSIC (

    On Moodio tv, watch an interview (in French) of producer/musician Henri Greindl

  •  Catalogue

    Close up 5
    cd mogno J054 November 1, 2017  
    Wolf in the Wood
    Live at Jazz Station
    cd mogno J053 March 9, 2016  
    José Bedeur & Charles Loos
    Le jeune homme et la vie
    cd mognoJ052 February 2015  
    cd Mogno j051 September 18, 2014  
    Muziek de Singe
    Fermé le lundi
    cd Mogno J050 October 19, 2013  
    Alex Beaurain Quintet
    Sentiments d'un clown
    cd mogno J049 October 2013  
    Blasting Zone Ahead
    cd mogno #48 March 2013  
    Cruz controL
    Le comment du pourquoi
    cd mogno j046 October 24, 2012  
    A dos d'âmes
    cd Mogno J047 September 2012  
    cd MOGNO J044 September 7, 2011  
    Charles Loos
    Three times twenty
    cd MOGNO J045 September 2011  
    cd mogno J043 January 29, 2011  
    Anne Wolf Trio + voices
    Moon @ noon
    cd MOGNO J042 December 20, 2010  
    Sabin Todorov / Bernard Guyot Duo
    Archibald's Song
    cd MOGNO J041 September 8, 2010  
    Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet
    cd MOGNO J040 September 1, 2010  
    Charles Loos
    Piano works
    cd MOGNO J039 April 28, 2010  
    Paolo Loveri Trio
    3 for 1
    cd MOGNO J037 February 14, 2010  
    Stéphane Salkin trio
    On the shore of the river
    cd MOGNO J036 January 2010  
    Bansuri collectif
    cd MOGNO J035 November 10, 2009  
    Alexandre Furnelle Orchestra
    Views of Xela
    cd MOGNO J034 May 4, 2009  
    Radoni's Tribe
    Let me hear a simple song
    cd MOGNO J033 April 3, 2009  
    Stéphane Mercier 4tet
    Walking the soul map
    cd MOGNO J031 March 21, 2009  
    Al orkesta
    Where are we now ?
    cd MOGNO J030 March 21, 2009  
    Henri Greindl
    Bela Vista
    cd MOGNO J032 March 21, 2009  
    Pierre Van Dormael
    Solos Duos
    cd MOGNO J029 November 15, 2008  
    Antoine Prawerman & Vegetal Beauty
    cd MOGNO J028 November 2008  
    Peter Hertmans 4tet
    cd MOGNO J027 March 6, 2008  
    Charles Loos / Steve Houben / Quatuor Thaïs
    Au fil du temps
    cd MOGNO J026 November 19, 2007  
    Françoise Derissen / Carla Van Effeltaire
    There is an effel there
    cd MOGNO J025 November 17, 2007  
    Alain Pierre / Steve Houben
    Dolce divertimento
    cd MOGNO J024 May 1, 2007  
    Gilles Repond Quartet
    cd MOGNO J023 February 3, 2007  
    Mogno Music 10 Years cd (2 CD) MOGNO c002 2007  
    Véronique Bizet / Bert van den Brink
    Quiet Hearts
    cd MOGNO J022 November 20, 2006  
    Alien bitesize / Sylvain Luc, Wouter Berlaen, Lionel Beuvens
    Alien Bitesize
    cd MOGNO J021 October 13, 2006  
    Peter Hertmans / Erwin Vann / Nicolas Thys / Billy Hart
    Stone Sculpture
    cd MOGNO J020 September 9, 2006  
    Phil Abraham Quartet
    From jazz to baroque, ou l'inverse !
    cd MOGNO J019 January 10, 2006  
    Mimi Verderame Quartet
    Mister Jo
    cd MOGNO J018 June 2005  
    Paul Flush / Charles Loos / Luc Vanden Bosch
    Ménage Artois
    cd MOGNO J017 November 2004  
    Victor Da Costa Trio
    Cores De Lá
    cd MOGNO J015 October 2004  
    Sigh Moon
    cd MOGNO J016 September 2004  
    Weber Iago Quartet & Strings
    Spring Will Stay Here
    cd MOGNO J014 February 2004  
    Alexandre Furnelle Quartet
    Le chant des sirènes
    cd MOGNO J013 January 2004  
    Olivier Collette
    De L'Aube Au Crépuscule
    cd MOGNO J012 October 2003  
    Steve Houben / Boyan Vodenitcharov
    Les Valses
    cd MOGNO J011 June 2003  
    cd MOGNO J010 March 2003  
    Daniel Stokart
    Danses sur un pied
    cd MOGNO J008 November 2002  
    Cheiro De Choro
    cd MOGNO J007 October 2002  
    Olivier Collette
    Joy And Mystery
    cd (2 CD) MOGNO J005 November 2001  
    Barbara Wiernik & Jozef Dumoulin
    cd MOGNO J004 October 2001  
    Véronique Bizet / Eric Thielemans
    Moon At Sunrise
    cd MOGNO J003 June 2000  
    Parfum Latin
    Parfum Latin
    cd MOGNO J002 June 2000  
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